Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Behind the Sceens - the Repeater

Saga's primary weapon, the repeater, is based loosely on the real-world Smith & Wesson Model 3's Russian design (more commonly know by it's later model, the Schofield). Shown here in a replica of the Russian model produced by Uberti:

Wikipedia can, of course, do better justice to the real world specifications and history of the weapon than I can. I'd been enamored with the design long before I ever started writing, and though the self-extracting cylinder an especially interesting feature from both a technical and dramatic view. This being fiction, the repeater uses a larger and more powerful round than its counterpart can accommodate, due to the frailty of the top-break design. Though its never laid out in the text (calibers varying from design to design, arteficer to arteficer outside of the standard measurements found in Brass), I tried to describe the round as something similar to the .50 caliber Action Express round, shown here (left) with other rounds for comparison:
The cover art and background for the blog use a non-firing prop replica of the Schofield model found through Amazon, alongside a handful of .45 ACP rounds from my own supply, as I thought actual .50 caliber rounds would look over-sized next to the obviously shorter cylinder.

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